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For a limited time only - if you apply before (Midnight, ) We'll give you a FREE Merchant Account with each Fast Charge gateway set up.

Features of the Fast Charge Payment Gateway™:

 Free Online Virtual Credit Card Processing Terminal
 Free Online Check Processing Set Up
 Free Recurring Billing - Monthly, Quarterly or Annually etc..
 Free Basic Shopping Cart
 Free Fraud Scrubbing
 Free 24 X 7 Toll Free Telephone Support
 Free Sub ID's and Unlimited Users
 Free Address Verification Service (AVS)
 Free Order Email Receipt to Customer and Merchant
 Free SSL Secured Order Pages
 Free No Equipment or Software Needed
 Free Instant Credit Card Verification
 Free Real-Time Online Reporting
 Free Email Domain Validation
 Free Large Transaction Notification
 Free Negative Credit Card Database for Fraud Detection
 Free High Risk Country and IP Address Blocking
 Free Daily Batching
 Free Batch Processing
 Free Duplicate Transaction Prevention
 Free Brute Force Attack Protection

* This is for US based businesses only.  If you have a Non-U.S. based business please check out our international program here: Non US Merchants

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